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What's up, I'm Em. Lover of ripped jeans, dark clothes, country music, the moon, and anything to do with DOGS.

Welcome to my neck of the woods! THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming and checking out my website and my photography. I think it's pretty plain to see on top of dogs and ripped jeans, photography is where my passion lives.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a 27 year old social worker who picked up photography for a side affair. I am a dead head (Walking Dead fan, I know I know), enjoy binge watching Netflix (Tiger King anyone?), and snacking. I've also started a weight loss journey which has paired nicely with my love for hiking and walking in the forrest. I also am a huge Twilight, Hunger Games, and Harry Potter fan. I like reading the odd book, but I definitely put it off way more than I'd like to admit. I also am an expert at killing plants (black thumb, not green), but made it my new years resolution to keep some of those babies alive. I was basically born sitting in a bean bag chair with my Dad listening to rock and roll and country (there's legit videos of me sitting on top of my Dad's amazing sound system as an infant, speakers blaring). I think this is when my love for loud music became engrained in my brain and make sense why concerts are such an important part of my self care.

I grew up in Southern Ontario and then moved to Timmins, Ontario, for about ten years. The south called me back when I was twenty and I met the love of my life never left. Jeff and I met at a Stag and Doe during the infamous stag and doe season in Durham and have been together ever since. Jeff and I are polar opposites. He's quite introverted and quiet, I'm extroverted and extremely loud. However, we both like cheese a lot, loud music, and watching the sunset go down in our garage with our pups. We live a really simple but sweet life in our little red brick house and it's more than I could ever ask for.

Photography kind of found me when I was in a rough spot. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and wanted to tap into a creative outlet. My husky, Charlie, and I were actively hiking and I found my rebel T3, dusted it off, watched some YouTube videos and I haven't looked back. I remember I thought to myself, "hey, why don't I try some people instead of just doggos?" And now we are here. I became obsessed and if you're a creative, you'll know the feeling I'm talking about. It sounds corny but very suddenly, my life made sense. These surges of anxiety I used to have were now filled with creative surges of productivity that were poured into my craft. The way empty fields and lush romantic forrest made me feel instantaneously had purpose. Photography had been the thing that had been the missing ingredient in my life for happiness. It has become and incredible part of my self care routine and I cannot imagine my life without it.

Oh remember that time I mentioned my love of dogs? Meet the two loves of my life, Charlie and Roo. Charlie and Roo are rescues from Finding Them Homes (please check them out if you're considering adopting a perfect pup) out of Barrie, Ontario. Finding Them Homes is a rescue that rescues stray dogs from Northern Communities. Both Charlie and Roo are from Fort Severn in Ontario.

We got Charlie (right image) in 2017 (after three years of constant begging for a dog). Charlie is the perfect dog. He's incredibly smart and serious. Charlie is very bonded to us and you can tell he has adjusted well to his southern (spoiled) life. Annnndd thennnnn....after two more years of constant begging, cue Roo (left image with the derpy ear). Roo is the most awkward, derpy dog I have ever laid eyes on. Her and Charlie look incredibly similar, which is what drew me to her. Roo fills our day with laughter, a lot of "what on earth are you doing"'s, and SO much love.

I believe that best peoples best thinking is done in the wilderness. Zero distractions, fresh air, surrounded by rocks and trees is where you find me when I can't find what I'm looking for. Barefoot, with my dogs, and alone with my thoughts.

 I believe that the moon is SO much more than just a rock. I also believe that the ocean and bodies of water are so much more than water. When I’m feeling blue, sad, lonely, I sit at my window and I look up at the moon and it relieves any tension I am feeling. When I feel lost, I go to water and I walk along it and it helps me find myself again. The Earth’s elements are absolutely everything and something we take for granted.

I believe in reincarnation, mediums, and that someone’s soul is the most valuable thing that they can possess.


My goal with my photos is for them to be something you love and something that captures you and your loved ones genuinely and in your element. When we get together, we will have a great time doing prompts, simple directions, and lots of movement oriented activities that allow time for you to get comfortable in front of the camera and a lot the time forgetting you are in front of a camera. Know that when you are booking with me, it is my job to generate that natural emotion (I may have a social work degree but I also major in making people laugh at my corny jokes).

Many people ask me what they can bring for shoots and how they can prepare. Simply bring your goofy selves (maybe a blanket so ya'll can snuggle), a couple of great outfits, and some music choices and I take care of the rest. I absolutely love doing anything that captures candid emotion and work hard with you to ensure this is done. I almost always hear at the end of the session that it was a fun time and that it was a different session than others they have experienced.

LOVE LOVE LOVE anything that is out of the ordinary so please remember, I am completely for the rebels, the wild childs, and the free spirits and NO idea is too crazy. Hit me with your dreams and I promise I'll be so excited and help you make your visions come true. I can't wait to talk to you more!

Well behaved women seldom make history.

Laurel Thatcher

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