Let's Chat!

Thanks for getting this far. As you can probably tell, you beautiful couples are EXACTLY why I do this. I simply love love.

NOTHING makes me happier than taking that image of you that's going to be posted all over the internet, your home, and most importantly something that captures WHO you are as a couple.

I am the photographer that gets goosebumps when I see sunsets, a cute pose, or hear you guys laughing at any little thing. You'll often hear me squeak and squeal when we create that magic during a shoot.There are times I race home and get on the computer as fast as I possibly can to get some of those images delivered so you can share that feeling with me.

If you think we'd be a good fit, let's get started by answering these few questions. Looking forward to chatting with you about making ALL your visions come true.

Please Note:

I attempt to respond to all messages within 24-48 hours. When looking for your response, be sure to check all email folders including your junk/spam folders.

Please note, there are mileage charges for anything 20KM outside of Durham.

If not, just put N/A

Please list all different venues if we're going to a few different places.